Thursday, January 3, 2008

Two infinities and Buh-lah!

Eric received a Buzz Lightyear from Shane and Trenna that he loves. When he first got it, he would say "to infinity and buh-lah". A few days later, he started saying the "beyond" correctly. But, I noticed a day or two ago that he was looking around for "two infinities". He would see a group of two things, and say, "look, momma, two infinities". I have no idea what he thinks an infinity is. I guess both of those words are not in a 3 year old's vocabulary. He does another thing with his Buzz that I find precious. It has a laser button on the arm. I noticed he would push the button, and then he and Buzz would go on rescue missions together to try to go rescue the animal. There are 3 sounds the laser makes, and Eric thinks they are all animal sounds (mostly in the bird family). Thank you, Diego, for convincing my child that every sound is an animal sound and not necessarily a destructive weapon sound. :)

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