Monday, January 14, 2008

Robert's contraption

Several of you have asked about Robert's sling/brace combo. Here is a picture. He first has on a compression sleeve and compression glove. Then he has another sleeve of some sort on top of that. I really don't know what it is for. Then above that he has a 4 part brace that straps together and then straps around his upper body. His lower arm is in a sling. This goes around his neck. Then there is a wedge platform that attaches to the sling and straps around his stomach. This is oh so fun to adjust and take on/off. He does not take the sleeves off, but we have to adjust the brace several times a day. And he has to remove the sling and wedge for dressing.

He has a lot of bruising and some swelling right now. Here is a picture of some of the bruising that is visible above the compression sleeve. His shoulder is also very bruised from the brace. The strap for the brace has rubbed his skin raw, so we put an extra t-shirt between the strap and his other shirt. This helps keep it from slipping and rubbing his underarm.

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Carver-Family said...

Oh my! Tell Robert that I'm so sorry. He looks miserable. I hope it heals very quickly so he can get that contraption off!! I'll be praying for you guys. I hope you are able to get some rest tonight. Love ya girl!