Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tan line there? Don't care

We went to the beach Saturday, and Eric got a swim cap tan line.  He rocks that tan line!  I love that he just doesn't care.  He gets embarrassed about some things, but most of the time, he just grins about whatever it is and moves on.  You go, Eric!  You rock that swim cap tan line!

Monday, September 18, 2017

New team/1st Meet of the season

We made a decision over the summer to switch swim teams.  It was a difficult decision as Eric and I both had friends at our old team.  However, they were having administration issues that trickled down to the coaches and greatly affected the swimmers.  It wasn't a fun environment for Eric anymore, so we decided to start this season with the Stingrays.  We are about 5 weeks in to the new season, and we are very pleased with our decision.  Eric had his first meet on Saturday, and he ROCKED it!!!

My favorite swimmer.  A wee bit nervous for his first meet with his new team.  He really wanted to do well.  

New team.  New cap.  

This was one of my favorite pictures.  I volunteered second half (a requirement with our new team), so I was down by the pool.  I loved looking up and seeing my fellas right after one of Eric's races.  

My swimmer - getting in the zone.  

Jumping up and down to warm up.  

On the block. 

And he's off!!!!
(loved my job by the pool)

He did so great!  He swam 5 events -  100 yards each (4 lengths of pool).

Freestyle - He took 3.92 seconds off his time coming in at 1:10.46.  
Backstroke - He took 4.21 seconds off his time coming in at 1:16.44.  
Breaststroke - He took 4.93 off his time coming in at 1:42.94.  This one made me super happy.  This particular best time was 30 months old!!!  I was itching for that one to come down.  
Butterfly - He got his first ever time in this event with 1:34.95.  I actually cried after this one.  So proud of him for completing the 100 fly for the first time!!
Individual Medley - He took 2.34 seconds off of his best USA Swimming time (he actually had a few seconds less at district this summer) coming in at 1:28.38.  

Then they got to play in the adjoining water park.  

So proud of this kiddo and all of his hard work.  Looking forward to some adventures with the Stingrays.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Love this kid

I love this face.  I love those brown eyes, those freckles, that smile.  This boy - this fantastic, amazing boy  - is so loved.  So treasured.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

We had plans to be in the path of totality today, however those did not work out.  We had a nice relaxed day at home watching some butterflies emerge and running outside to check on the eclipse.  

The eclipse glasses (thank you, Poppy) did not quite get flush to Eric's face (with his regular glasses) the way we would like, and too much sun would get in.  So we made a viewing tool to help block the sun.  :) 

And of course the kiddo is reading between viewings.  Why wouldn't he be? 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sweet gi-mo

Our little Gizmo (lovingly called Gi-mo often) was exhausted after his 10 days at the boarder.  He loves going there, but crashes when he gets home.  All day playing with other dogs wears you out!

These are pictures of our sweet baby when we got back from Arkansas.   So sleepy!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mud Island

On our way to Arkansas, we made a stop in Memphis to walk around Mud Island.  Robert had some work to do, and Eric and I knew we could walk around catching some Pokemon.  Robert and I never went there when we lived in Memphis.  I wasn't even sure what to expect.  But we had a great time (very hot, but great).

When your mom is a science teacher...

You get to observe lots of fun life cycles.

First observation of the semester - caterpillars.