Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Robert

I am sorry I didn't post last night. I know some of you may have been looking for an update on the orthopaedist visit. It went fairly well. He said it is a very bad break, it has 4 pieces that are just barely holding on. He said it was caused by some type of twisting motion. He still wants to pursue non-surgical if possible, which we are happy to try. He said if Robert needs surgery, then he will have to put plates in his arm. The bone was mostly lined up correctly, but it was angling some toward the back of the arm, which isn't good. Robert went to a different place to get fitted for the brace and splint contraption. This went terribly. We assumed that he would be fitted at the doctor's office and knew they would give him a shot or something, so we did not have any pain medication with us. Robert was in a lot of pain during this process, and the guy who fitted him was pretty incompetent and kept having to take it off and on and readjusting it. Poor Robert fell asleep in the car on the way home. He had to rest for a while after all that, but the brace/sling seems to be helping with the pain. We are going back to the orthopaedist on Friday for another x-ray to make sure the bone is angling back to where it needs to be. Robert is going to try to go to work today. Getting ready is going to be interesting... I am sorry I didn't post last night. We were so exhausted. But, thankfully we both rested well last night (still in recliners).

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