Friday, December 28, 2007

Eric's favorite things about Christmas

Eric had a lot of fun with Christmas this year. By far his 2 favorite things were putting ornaments on the tree and filling up his Santa's workshop. The workshop is like a countdown calendar, and there is one magnetized fabric piece for the 25 days of Christmas.

He adored putting ornaments on the tree. It was his absolute favorite thing to do. We put about 20 ornaments a day on the tree for a LONG time (I have a lot of ornaments). And then if we got any new ones, we immediately went home and put those on the tree. He filled all the lower branches, with 5 or 6 ornaments on each branch. I would come behind him and move some of those to the top. He loved to look at them all and lie down under the tree to glance up through the branches.

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uncle tim said...

look like eric is have fun under the christmas tree/have a happy new year Eric