Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Attack of the birds!

Wow. Those birds grew up quickly. And I have to tell you that I am happy to see them go. The last few days, the birds were going a little crazy. Let me first update you with pictures of their progress.

Here is a picture of them from last Tuesday. They were so crammed in that nest, I really don't know how they could stand it. Quite a change from the little scrawny pink things from 9 days before.

I am hoping you can see this one if you click on the picture. The Mama was feeding them. I had to take it from the house, because there is no way she would have done this if we had been out there. This was on Wednesday.

Okay, now we are to Thursday. Seriously, they have gotten huge! This was the first day I was ready for them to go. While I was taking this picture, one of the parent birds swooped at me, and if I hadn't ducked, would have hit me. I was pretty irritated and concerned for Eric also.

On Sunday Robert and Eric went to look at them. Robert set Eric up on his platform so he could see them, and suddenly "attack of the birds" commenced. Mama and Papa bird both swooped in as did 2 other completely unrelated small birds. All 4 birds leapt from the nest and attempted to take flight (only one was able to fly at all). I had just opened the door to come outside, and one of the baby birds was madly hopping in my direction. I was calling for Mackenzie to come in so he would not eat the birds (thankfully he obeyed), but that baby bird was determined to come in. Here is a picture I took of him from the window inside. The Mama herded them out through a gap in the fence, and I was glad to see them go. I do not want to relive that attack.


uncle tim said...

look like there was lot of baby birds in that nest in eric.s back yard

Tracie said...

Not going to lie to you...that image of the baby birds flopping around and in attack mode is pretty funny. Hopefully Eric won't have any residual issues with birds but oh my that is so funny!!