Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My little teacher

Eric's buddy Kaden stayed with us for 3 fulls days this past weekend. They are even closer buddies now. I will post some pictures from the weekend, but I wanted to quickly put up this video. Both nights Eric would read books to Kaden. It was so cute, and he sounded just like me when he was doing it. I am posting a video I took of him "reading" a few pages of a Dora book. Later in the book (but not on this video), he would ask Kaden questions, and if Kaden got the wrong answer, he would explain why it was wrong. It was hilarious.


uncle tim said...

like the video of eric and his friend.eric is a good reader

Aunt Trenna said...

I enjoyed talking with you yesterday Tracy! Thank you for sharing with me all the sweet stories about Eric. I am so proud of him! I love you guys!