Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tybee Day 1 Part 2

After the dissection class, we took a trip to the Marsh.  The temperature was great after the rain.  

Heading into the marsh.  It was seriously stinky.  

The grass in the marsh was full of periwinkle snails.  Our teacher told us that if you hum to them, they will come out of their shells.  All the kids tried.  Only two were successful.  

Trying sea pickles.

Eric found two empty snail shells in the mud.  He decided to start a shell collection for this trip.

After dinner, we headed with our dorm roommates to the beach.  It was about a 5 block walk from the 4 H center.  I didn't get in this time.  The other two moms had not brought suits.  I waded in to about my knees.  

Adding to his collection.  

First time feeling the ocean (that he can recall.  He was 2 and 3 when we took him to the beach.)  

This sweet boy LOVED the ocean.  We will have to take him back soon.  Too fun!

E had fun playing with the boys from our dorm. 

The start of his Tybee shell collection.  

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