Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playdates and pains

Yesterday we had two great playdates. One was with Nate. Nate is a friend from our Gymboree days. He is 8 days younger than Eric and is going to be homeschooled also. He had a great inflatable jump toy that the boys had a blast in. They also played forever with one of Nate's little sister's toys.
We also had a playdate with Abbie. She is Eric's best little friend. I got to hold her little sister Aubrie for a long time. She is 7 weeks old and so precious.

After our busy day, Eric experienced some leg soreness and then pretty intense pain. The intense pain lasted for about 20 minutes. I gave him some Ibuprofen, and it seemed to take care of it. I think it may have been "growing pains". We are going to watch it.

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Aunt Trenna said...

Aww...Eric and Nate look like they had a great time! It's so fun to have little friends to laugh with!