Saturday, August 25, 2007

Great 4 and sleeping

We were "playing school" yesterday, and Eric did a page in his workbook by himself. He was so proud, and so was I when I saw how great his 4 looked.
He is still working on his fine motor skills, but he loves writing all of his numbers and letters.

I don't know why I love taking pictures of him sleeping so much. Maybe because he just looks so peaceful and innocent. Either way, I have taken some sweet ones lately. As most of you know, he no longer uses his Bapi. He has been without it now for almost a month. He pretty much weaned himself, which was so nice. We were dreading that. So, now to go to sleep, he reads. He almost always reads his Look and Find Pooh book (thank you Aunt Tabitha and Uncle Aaron). He will sometimes tell me that he wants his Pooh book when he is tired. Most of the time he doesn't even turn the page.

Sweet, sweet baby!

Fell asleep on Page 1.

He likes to curl up on the rail of his bed.

Naptime with Pooh book.


Aunt Trenna said...

Wow that really was a great "4"! Eric never ceases to impress Shane and me. You always do such a great job Tracy! The pictures of Eric sleeping are so precious. Trenna

aunt tabitha said...

I do know how to pick out good books :)! I am glad that he enjoys looking at books. I can't believe that he is already having some growing pains. We might have a basketball player in the family after all! Such a sweet boy!