Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A frog and a screw

After a long day of freezer cooking, Eric and I came home yesterday to find a tree frog in our kitchen. I tried to be brave, but I didn't do a very good job. I put a pot over it at first, but there was a gap near the handle, and the frog was able to escape. We both squealed at that. Then I put a tupperware bowl over it. Once it was secure under the dome, we were content to watch it.

Today Eric was drawing on his MagnaDoodle and he called me in to show me that he had drawn a screw. I was impressed with his drawing, so I took some pictures. He was thrilled to show off his artwork for the picture.


Aunt Tabitha said...

I am very impressed with the screw drawing! I am glad to read that Eric is feeling better. I still am getting used to the haircut! Tabitha

Aunt Trenna said...

I love all your pictures Tracy! I am so glad you started this blog, so we can all stay updated with everything going on! Eric's picture of the screw is so cute! He is such a smart little boy! I miss all of you very much! Trenna