Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2 of Christmas/Soccer

Another excited morning, although not quite as frantic as yesterday.  

Jiggy decided to help Eric loom, but got a little tangled up instead.  Silly elf.  

Day 2 of Lego Advent Calendar was a little boy in a cool hat eating a pretzel while taking pictures.  Thanks for the extra pretzel and camera pieces, Lego!!!

Soccer last night was very good.  It was a large group of 10-18 year olds.  They worked on some skills, then split into smaller groups by age and played 4 v 4.  Eric did great.  He got very aggressive and scored 4 goals for his team.  They rotated the teams playing every 5 minutes.  There were 3 teams in his area, so every 10 minutes he got a break.  

His team was orange.  Since he was already wearing orange, he didn't have to wear a pinnie. 

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