Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book it

As a 6th grader, this will be Eric's last year to participate in Book It from Pizza Hut.  I find it fascinating that most reading programs cut off at 6th grade.  We never ended up using any last year.  I was determined to use his certificates this year, so we headed out to find a Pizza Hut.  I learned that very few Pizza Huts have dine in areas anymore.  I thought they all did.  Guess I was kind of spoiled by North Little Rock.  So, we got a pizza for him to go.  And some breadsticks for me.  I was wanting a salad bar.  Oh well.  He sat in the front seat to eat (yes, he still rides in the back.  He will until he is 13.  That's the safety recommendation. Always feels funny when he is sitting up there.  I do look forward to having him up there someday.  Will make riding around more fun. ) And he read a book.  I guess that is fitting for the Book It award.  Here is my fella.  Hanging onto the handlebar with his left hand, waiting for his pizza to cool, enjoying his book.

Love him so!!!!

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