Saturday, July 26, 2008

Firehouse Field Trip

I never got around to posting these pictures, but in June we had a fun field trip to the firestation. Abbie's dad is a driver for a firetruck, so we received a great tour from him and another fireman. The bonus is that twice while we were there, the alarm sounded and men started dropping from the ceiling, sirens came on, and the place was emptied. It was pretty cool. While the men were gone, we tried on some of their gear.

Eric thought it was cool that this tire was bigger than he was.

What a trooper! Phillip's fellow firefighter got decked out in full gear for the kiddos (and let me tell you, it was HOT that day).

After watching Phillip give the tour, Eric decided to give a little tour of his own, "Hey, everybody, look at this!"

Firehouse cuties!

These pipes are attached to the trucks when they return to remove all the exhaust. Eric thought they were cool and kept trying to talk into them (guess it reminded him of the two way pipes you can talk in at the park).

Ms. Tracie lovin' on my boy. Thanks, girl, for arranging such a fun outing!


uncle Tim said...

eric look like he had fun seeing the fire trucks

Mimi said...

I could finally look at the pictures today and they are so cute! Eric may want to be a fireman when he grows up! love, mimi