Sunday, July 6, 2008

Constantly inventing

Eric rarely plays with toys as they are intended to be played with right now. His current thing is to build inventions/machines. He will take any toy and anything else he can find (spoon, hanger, shoe, etc) to make his invention. Then I have to come check it out. Sometimes he has something that moves along the invention, othertimes not. But, he is usually pretty creative about it. Here is a video of one of the many inventions he made yesterday. In the background you can see some of the discarded parts that he had used in other inventions that day or chose not to use once he was building.

In this particular invention (they always have very strange names), he unscrewed the handle from a golf club to be his lever. Then he used some pipe insulation (we used this to help cover the strap when Robert broke his arm) to join the two vehicles together. He used a yo-yo to also join the two vehicles together. He has a slice of bread and a slice of watermelon in the bus. I have no clue what their purpose is, but I am sure he had a reason for their presence. He usually does. He removed the safety cover for the blinds in his room and put half of the cap on the back of the car. That is the cover that he removes to see if the toys were finished. He usually wears his Buzz Lightyear goggles when he goes "to work" on one of his inventions.
As I type this, he is actually downstairs explaining one of his latest inventions to his Daddy.


uncle tim said...

like the video of eric

Becky said...

OMW!!!!!!!!!!! That is a adorable. He is such a sweet boy. We just love you all so much! Thanks for the awesome day.

aunt tabitha said...

Very creative...I love that you put these videos on your blog!