Saturday, September 22, 2007

So busy!

We have had such a crazy busy week that I have not even had time to blog about any of it. Last Saturday we went to a block party at a church near our neighborhood. Eric had the best time!!!!!! There was a police helicopter there, which was the first thing that caught Eric's eye. He was allowed to climb in and play with all the knobs and adjustments. He would have stayed in it all day, but other children occasionally wanted to see it. He would get down and do something else, but then run back as soon as they left. I think I see a pilot in our future... We got to watch it take off, which was pretty amazing (and extremely windy).
Monday we had exercise and then went to lunch with Abbie, Tracie, and Aubrie.
Tuesday we went to the park with Caleb and Shelby. I got a picture of the kids at the end of the day, probably should have done it first, as they were all hot and tired by the time we were ready to go.
Wednesday we had another play day. There was a really neat tunnel at this park, and Eric got to learn about his echo. So, he and Michael practiced by yelling a lot. Notice how sweaty they are.
Thursday we had exercise again. Then we played with Nate. His mother and I did a few educational things with the kids. We are planning to start doing that once a week.
Friday I started work at Gymboree where I am teaching a music class. (Eric is of course my favorite student) He was thrilled to be going back to Gymboree again and loved playing all the instruments.
I am going to be a little more careful in my scheduling in the future. We were a little hectic this week.

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Anonymous said...

uncle tim said..Eric look like he had a lot of fun playing in the helicopter and got to sit in one.