Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun at the Fair

We went to the White County Fair last night with Robert's parents, his brother Tim, and his uncle Warren. Eric had a fabulous time! Rides, games, animals, what more could you ask for?

He loved the fishing game!

Eric milked a cow! By far the coolest thing he did at the fair.

His favorite thing to do was ride the ponies. He did that twice.

He loved riding all the rides.

His grandparents were showing him a cricket. His Nana was letting it crawl on her arm so he could see it. When it fell to the ground, he immediately began to chase it so he could stomp on it. I was so proud. :) Here he is with his "squished" cricket.


aunt tabitha said...

I really enjoying looking at your keeps me updated on how Eric is changing and all of the activities he gets to be a part of! Remember when we went to the fair or something like that and wanted a baby goat because we enjoyed feeding them so much with a bottle?

aunt tabitha said...

I meant to say I am really enjoying looking at your block (typo).

aunt tabitha said... is too late to be typing-I meant blog instead of block.

Aunt Trenna said...

I am so glad ya'll had so much fun at the fair! Your pictures are too cute! I couldn't help but laugh at the last picture with Eric and the "squashed" bug. I am proud of Eric too! :)

Anonymous said...

uncle tim said...I enjoyed looking at your blog.. that you are doing of looks real nice.Eric looks like he had at lot of fun at the fair this year.