Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Swim Over

Summer swim ended, and Eric had another great season.

Once again this year, he got the MVP for his age group.  This means he earned the most points in his age group at the meets.  So very excited!

The team gave the swimmers medals for participating this year, as well as a small personalized cooler, and a tumbler.  

Eric's swim buddy got the most improved award in their age group.  Eric was so excited for him.  He has stayed after practice a few times to help his friend work on flip turns.  

Last night's swim meet was the hardest one yet.  The other team was very, very talented.  E swam his heart out, though!  

He got third place in the 100 Free, but he swam it in his best ever time.  This is why the place really shouldn't be looked at much.  If you care about the place, you would be disappointed in that race, as it was his first third place of the season.  However, he swam it 3 seconds faster than he ever has.  Wow!  So proud of him!  Can't complain at all about that.  He swam it in 1:15.16.  

He rocked his part of the relays, but the other team just had faster swimmers than we did.  I was crazy impressed with how he caught up a major lead the other team had, but then the next member of the relay lost it again.  Oh well.  

Eric also enjoyed helping the tall fella in this picture.  He is a runner who wants to do an Ironman, so he needed to learn to swim.  I was very impressed with his positive attitude, determination, and willingness to learn.  Eric enjoyed helping him with his turns, starts, dives, etc.  

He has had a great season, and I am so proud of him.  

I think he has a few trophies.....


nana said...

Way to go Eric!

Tracy said...

Thank you so much Nana!


Mimi said...

Very impressive with all the trophies and ribbons. Eric's hard work has paid off and I am so proud of his accomplishments. You are a dedicated mom to make sure he gets to all of his practices and swim meets. Very proud of you too. love, mimi

Tracy said...

Thank you. That is sweet to say. Eric does work super hard for all that he accomplishes. :) I am so proud of him!