Friday, March 11, 2016

New soccer

So, soccer has been an ordeal for the past three seasons.  Each season we have been scheduled to practice on Wednesday.  While I am not saying it is sin to not walk in the doorway of the church on Wednesday night, it is sin to put things above the Lord.  So, we have chosen not to put this sport above the Lord.  After much discussion and attempting to remedy the situation, we withdrew E from the Y soccer.  He is now playing for a homeschool soccer team.  It is a non competitive team, but I was surprised at how organized it is.

E had his first game yesterday afternoon.  In the blazing sun (yes, Arkansas, I know.  I'm sorry.  Not trying to rub it in).  We had to wear sunscreen.  They practice for 1 hour and then divide into teams for a game.  Reminds me of the winter league he did.

E put on his own sunscreen and missed the area near his goggles.  I missed the back of one of my arms.  So, we are each sporting a nice small sunburn today.  

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