Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rush Revere

Eric had a super fun surprise in the mail yesterday.  

First let me say that this boy LOVES the Rush Revere series.  He has all 3 books and we got him all 3 books on Audible.  When he cleans his room, he always listens to Rush Revere.  The series is by Rush Limbaugh and is about the Revolutionary War time period.  Kind of Magic Tree House in feel.  They are great books.  This is Eric's favorite period in history thanks to these books.  

They had a Facebook contest last Thursday where you answered a question they posted by sending an email response with the answer.  Eric knew the answer and knew just where it was in the book, so he looked it up and submitted the exact answer.  

Not really sure how they chose a winner.  But, yesterday, just 5 days after he entered, this came. 

Yep.  That was his reaction.  There was a tag on the bag that showed the crew from Rush Revere.  He knew this was going to be a fun package.  

He won a whole bunch of goodies, including one of the books on CD.  Although he has them all on Audible, he has to use one of our phones to listen.  This way he can listen to it on CD whenever he wants.  

The boy was super sweatty this afternoon.  After school I had a meeting with another mother at the playground.  We had to work on LTC, so the kids played.  He, of course, was super covered in sweat.  You will also noticed my hoe by the back door.  This is my fox and snake defense mechanism.  

All the goodies.  Including a $25 American Express kid card.  Such a very fun win!  We were so surprised and so excited!

Can't wait for the new book to come out.  Wish he could write faster!  

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