Monday, March 17, 2008

Mr Eric

Oh how Eric loves Mr. Eric. He is the Children's Minister at Cornerstone (where I exercise). When we started back after Christmas, Eric and his buddies (Abbie, McKenna, Magdalen, Kaden, and Elaina) would always go to his office (right next to where I exercise) to get a piece of candy. A week or two in, he just started coming out to play games or do crafts with them. And, Eric LOVES him! He adores that man. They play games and run around while the mommies talk and watch. It is wonderful. We usually stay about 45 minutes after exercise each day.

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Tracie said...

If there is a better man (other than our husbands, of course)for our kids to hang around, I wouldn't know who it was. Mr. Eric is so sweet! I'm glad you got a picture with him and the kids!