Friday, December 5, 2014

Book club

Let me start by saying I love Pinterest.  And I loathe Pinterest.  It has made my life infinitely more difficult and infinitely more fun at the same time.  We had our first book club monthly meeting with a homeschool group yesterday.  I wasn't sure what type of moms these were.  Are they organic, grow your own everything, grind your own flour and make all natural homemade treats?  Or are they run to the store and get a package of cookies?  I decided to spend a few hours making a yummy, sweet, Christmasy chex mix.  (I made about 4 times that many hats.  I just put some on top of the huge bowl, and put the rest in a bag to replenish as they were eaten.)

So cute!  And so yummy!  But so much work!  I learned that they are the latter group.  I was the only one that had made anything.  Everything else was store bought.  Big relief for next time.

The book club was very fun!  The theme was bedtime story, and the kids wore pajamas.  Eric shared his favorite book right now - Mystery of the Missing Map.  There were 12-14 families there, and it was held at a bounce house.  The kids jumped for an hour, then they ate and broke into appropriate age groups for discussion for an hour.  Then they bounced again for another hour.  The younger groups didn't last the full hour, but Eric's group went the whole time.  E had a blast!  He saw another boy there about his age, went right up and made friends.

I didn't take many pictures.  But here is one of the room once the children were divided.  Before they began their group discussions, the leader went over Plot and led the children in discussion of some basic plots in stories.  She was very impressed with how confident Eric is.  She couldn't believe that he was not afraid to speak up and share his book.


Ellen said...

Chex mix looks yummy :)
Love me some Pinterest...

Ellen said...

Great job with the book club, Eric!