Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Swim Meet

Eric did great at his first swim meet. He was entered in three races - kickboard, freestyle, and backstroke. We were pretty overwhelmed by it all at first. It was incredibly chaotic and crowded. But, I think we know how it all works now and will be ready for next time.

Here he was preparing to enter the pool for his first race - kickboard.

If you receive your best time (which he did, since it was his first time), then you receive a token that we learned you could turn in for a little tattoo. He was so proud of this token. I think he thought he had won some kind of award. We didn't tell him it was just for a tattoo.

He did really well. He got a time of 39.15 in kickboard (these are all 25 yards) and 48.49 in
freestyle. He disqualified in backstroke because he flipped over right before touching the wall. He was a little disappointed about that, but handled it well.

Becoming an old pro at finding his place in line.

There is a lot of waiting around between events.


Aunt Trenna and Uncle Shane said...

Way to go Eric! We are so proud of you! We hope you continue to enjoy all of the activities you're involved in!

P.S. Tracy I'm so happy to see you use your beach bag! : ) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Eric... and I like your tattoo!! Good luck at your next meet! :) :) Love, Aunt Tabitha