Friday, August 29, 2008

First soccer practice

Well, I have been kind of avoiding my blog. As most of you know, the co-op thing was a minor disaster. So I have not wanted to look at that sweet boy's excited eyes. Anyway, we had our first soccer practice last night, and he had a blast! His coach was nice and had a lot of energy. Eric did everything the coach asked him to and loved every minute of it. Here are some pics from last night. We don't know when his first game will be - probably sometime in mid-September.

Giving the coach a thumb's up. You can see one of his teammates in the background. This little girl is Cameron and is 4.

He got so sweatty! The coach had them break often for water. I had bought Eric the Aquapods water with sports balls printed on the label. He was so excited about those. It made me laugh that his hair was sticking straight up.

Here is the other girl on his team. Her name is Savannah, and she is 5. (she is also homeschooled and goes to the co-op)

Here are the other 3 boys on his team (there are 6 children total), The boy on the right is Elijah. He is the coach's son. I think he is 5 because the coach said he played last year. The boy in the tie-dyed shirt is Jonathon (I think). And I don't know the boy's name on the far left.

What a great time! And we get to do it every week. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

He looks like a natural! I am glad that he enjoys soccer. He looks like he knows what he is doing too! Cute pictures! Aunt Tabitha

Qtipper said...

Ooooooooooh my WORD! Well, isn't he just positively adorable. He looks so cool in his soccer duds!!