Thursday, November 15, 2007


I know I am very overdue for a post. We have been sick for a couple of weeks. But, I wanted to tell you about our fun, fun Halloween. On the Thursday before Halloween, we went to Gymboree for their party. They did a good job, and Eric had lots of fun. This is the thing he still talks about the most from Halloween. On Saturday we did Trick or Treat St with Abbie. On Sunday night we did Boo at the Zoo with Daddy. On Halloween night we went to the Candy Factory. That is a huge thing one church around here was doing. Eric had a blast, and this is the second thing that he still talks a lot about. Then we went to Trunk or Treat at our church. Then we went to a carnival at the church where I exercise. Then we trick or treated at 2 of our neighbors. I feel like we definitely got good use out of his costume! And I loved spreading it out over multiple days. I like making the holidays last as long as possible. I also had fun making bat and jack-o-lantern pancakes for the 2 of us.

Yeah, he caught it!

Fishing for prizes at Gymboree

Eric and Abbie

He got so much candy at the zoo, that he could barely lift his pumpkin.

Daddy and Eric at the zoo.

Blasting off.

So excited about entering the candy factory.

Trunk or treating with Jackson.

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Aunt Trenna said...

AWW Eric makes a great Buzz Lightyear! His costume is so cute!